Lisa Viazanko
Global Acquisition Sales Manager
Auburn Hills, MI

“My passion for manufacturing involves bringing product concepts to life via design, materials, machines, and people. We work as a team, starting with a shared vision sketched on paper. Two years later, the product is tangible in our hands. It is a creative environment incorporating engineering, leadership and business strategy.”

Lisa's achievements span over the course of her career and contribute to her success at Faurecia. Most recently, in four short months as the Global Acquisition Manager, Lisa successfully led business acquisition totaling $126 million in product sales. However, her accomplishments span beyond that.  In the three and a half years prior, as the Concept Engineering Manager for North America, Lisa successfully supported over $2.1 billion lifetime sales in business acquisitions as well as initiating and developing an acquisition training program incorporating lessons learned and best practices. 
Lisa demonstrates leadership in everything she does. She has become a “go-to” talent when the challenge is tough and when effective leadership is required. Whether it's leading her team on high-level programs/projects or taking initiative in putting action plans into practice, Lisa demonstrates unparalleled leadership skills, which have made her an asset to the company and have set her aside as a successful woman professional in the industry.
Lisa has an "open door" policy to mentoring, meaning that she is willing to take on the role regardless of who wants to be her mentee. On a more specific level, Lisa is a great role model to women in the automotive industry who aspire to become leaders; her experience, insight and approach to being a woman in a male-dominated industry are invaluable. 
In addition to her personal and professional commitments, Lisa finds time to give back to various causes including the local Habitat for Humanity, Girls on the Run youth development program, and the food bank. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and also a member of the INForum Professional Women’s Alliance, both of which promote gender diversity at work and beyond.

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