Amanda Varricchio
Ground Test Engineer
Pratt & Whitney
East Hartford, CT

"I am passionate about manufacturing because it is a gateway to innovation. In this field one simple idea can spark real change. There is no better feeling than when your team meets that key deadline, completes that big test or solves that problem that has been driving you crazy.”

Amanda demonstrates outstanding leadership and execution across all missions she takes on.  She is effective in keeping her team focused and on-point to ensure flawless execution. Her relentless drive to complete the tasks given to her has made her the go-to test engineer for NGPF-30k flight test assignments, and she has been integral to the success of the campaign.
 Amanda is highly adaptable; whether she is taking on a new assignment at a different location or receiving new direction, Amanda gladly accepts the associated challenges and goes all-in.  She dedicates herself and the team to complete the job no matter the hurdles, consistently putting in the extra hours and effort to guarantee on-time delivery/execution. 
She is an able mentor to the junior test engineers assigned to her team and within the Systems Engineering Ground Test Organization. She maintains an open mind and listens to feedback from all co-workers, fostering an inclusive work environment when supporting both off-site and on-site efforts. As alumni of Daniel Webster College, Amanda has been critical to the company’s recruiting efforts and has brought in valuable talent.  She has also taken the lead on mentoring the new hires and summer interns.  
She is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm and talent with the Mercy High School Robotics Team. As an Alumni of Mercy High School, Amanda gives back by supporting and mentoring the all-female team. Amanda’s mentoring not only steers the team, but also allows her to provide career guidance and inspiration to team members considering STEM careers.

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