Natalie Vanderspiegel
Value Stream Manager
Solar Turbines Incorporated
San Diego, CA

“I love my career in manufacturing. I utilize my engineering and leadership skills in collaboration with other disciplines to create products and solutions that better the world, in an environment that rewards innovation, with people who support and challenge me to always think bigger, be bolder … and to dream.”

Natalie Vanderspiegel manages a team of 11 and is responsible for inventory accuracy, transactions, and storage of inventory valued at more than $65M. Recently, she spearheaded a material recovery plan for a business area that had been struggling with performance and saw tremendous results in a short four months.  Through effective leadership and communication, the gains have been sustained long-term.
Natalie is passionate about people and actively collaborates with her team to improve engagement and morale.  She has created an environment of transparent communication, clear accountabilities, and she welcomes feedback. She is a mentor in formal and informal capacities both internally, and outside the organization. She serves in Solar's professional development mentoring program and mentors on average six team members each year.  In addition, Natalie inspired the creation of a mentoring program for Solar's female engineering interns and has mentored a manufacturing engineering intern each summer. Outside of Solar, Natalie is a formal mentor for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) to provide guidance to the next generation of SWE volunteers and leaders.
Natalie's involvement with both the female engineering and LGBT and straight ally employee resource groups at Solar represent her commitment to diversity and inclusion as a tool to develop more effective business solutions. She currently holds an elected position on the board of directors for both organizations. 
A Life Member of SWE since joining professionally in 2009, she has held at least one leadership role every year and also participates in outreach programs. She has been widely recognized by SWE, by her Alma Mater, and by other professional organizations for her extensive contributions, and her potential for the future. Natalie holds professional Certification in Production and Inventory Management from APICS.

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