Beth Tucker
Director of Quality
AGCO Corporation
Hesston, KS

“My passion stems from the satisfaction I get from customers to drive continuous improvement through the organization. I also get the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to train and mentor current and new employees in tools that will move the organization forward, and to encourage their personal success.”

From the beginning of her career at AGCO, Beth instituted a holistic approach to quality and process improvements at the Hesston plant. Beth reemphasized that quality must be a core value within Hesston and manufacturing. Through her exceptional leadership, she was able to unify all of the departments from engineering and purchasing to manufacturing and materials to look at quality beyond the rules and take ownership of the KPIs and improvements. 
Beth has worked with a team comprised of quality experts from across the company’s various global locations and has been instrumental in developing the Global Quality Transformation Initiative. Throughout the initiative she has been a change agent in helping the other functional leaders understand the importance of quality in all of their processes and how it ultimately impacts the customer, reputation and brand value. The results of her mentorship and coaching has made the quality initiative a success.
She has three direct reports whom she has been mentoring for several years. Beth’s 25 years of experience have helped these employees to improve in their detailed technical knowledge of not only AGCO Operations, but also quality in general. The proficiency, confidence, and accuracy of each of the mentees has improved significantly.  
Throughout her career at each company, Beth has made it her personal mission to mentor young students in the community and professionals at the company that she works for. Beth has been quoted as saying, "I truly enjoy working with young people, shaping them and ultimately preparing them for the next level. That's what geeks me out about my job."

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