Tara Tibbs
Director - Manufacturing Operations
Eli Lilly and Company
Indianapolis, IN

“I love being able to lead people to perform better than they believe and to be part of a company that manufactures & supplies life-saving medicine for people around the world. I find the challenges of manufacturing energizing, and I take great pride in saying 'I make medicine.'”

Tara is currently the Operations Director for Eli Lilly’s multi-product insulin manufacturing facility and leads an organization of about 135 employees. She implemented and validated several changes to the manufacturing process that generated a 25 percent throughput increase of this critical life-saving medicine. Her team has also delivered significant improvement of the cycle time to test and release the active ingredient manufactured.
In her previous role as Engineering and Maintenance Director of Eli Lilly’s animal health manufacturing facility, she led an organization of 110 employees and managed another 75 – 200 contractors. Under Tara’s leadership, the organization’s serious injury rate decreased from greater than 10 to 0 in 3 years. The Clinton manufacturing site won the Lilly Corporate Engineering Award, Team Engineering Excellence, for a project Tara sponsored. 
In addition to the leadership Tara provides as part of her job, she also leads the U.S. Manufacturing Diversity and Inclusion Team. An advocate of diversity and inclusion, Tara works with the different manufacturing sites to ensure we are driving initiatives and making a difference in this space. 
Tara also shares her skills through mentoring.  She has coached several engineers on technical, interpersonal, and networking skills and helped provide opportunities for them to share their contributions with others at various levels within the organization. Tara also mentors several of manufacturing’s top female talent to enhance their development. She also shares her talents with the local community through participation in the company’s community outreach program.

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