Renee Story
Quality Manager
GE Appliances
Decatur, AL

“My passion for manufacturing is inspired by the people, the processes, the products, and the challenges. I thoroughly enjoy working with our manufacturing associates who take pride in the products they produce for our customers. Every day is rewarding and challenging in manufacturing, with virtually unlimited opportunities for continuous improvement.”

Renee’s work ethic and dedication to product quality is virtually unmatched by others. She is a confident leader who has on many occasions stood alone in her convictions to ensure the consumer receives a quality product. Through Renee’s quality leadership, Decatur Top Freezer Refrigerators have become among the Appliance Industry’s Best in Consumer Quality. 
She brings tremendous communication, technical, and interpersonal skills to each project, and has earned the respect of colleagues throughout the organization. A true team player, Renee is quick to highlight her team’s successes.  She is action-oriented with a strong desire to deliver results, but will not sacrifice her integrity or people to achieve those results. Her genuine respect and care for her direct reports are hallmarks of her leadership style.
Renee serves as a mentor for a number of Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) and first time leaders in the GE business. She takes an active role in making sure the OMLP's get a challenging program assignment and provides constant coaching to assure the candidates reach their full potential. In addition to mentoring with her plant, Renee encourages other quality leaders to come to her plant and discuss best practices. Renee has driven several best practices at Decatur Plant Operations around customer interface and issue resolution, and has actively trained other quality leaders in her plant’s responsive approach. 
Renee has also devoted her time outside of work mentoring and instructing Junior Achievement students in the "Economics of Staying in School.”  She participates in a host of other community efforts, including United Way and March of Dimes, and is a sought after speaker on both technical and leadership topics.

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