Kristy Spackey
Manager, Corporate Procurement
Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Perrysburg, OH

“The manufacturing industry is such an exciting industry to work in. It allows you to create something and then focus on continuously improving it. It's about coming up with ideas, exploring concepts, testing those concepts and then driving them to reality.”

Kristy began working for Owens-Illinois, Inc. in 2010 as a procurement specialist and rose to a manager role very quickly as a result of her ability to achieve goals and her strong leadership competency skills. Kristy has demonstrated her ability to effectively analyze the financial aspects of a project and parse out key decision making factors for a team. She serves as a sounding board for internal customers and peers and has created a positive presence for procurement within the organization as a result of her ability to understand, address and solves issues for all aspects of the projects she supports
She leads her projects with enthusiasm and passion, which inspires confidence with her customers. Kristy displays competencies of a strong IT sourcing manager and is an extremely solid negotiator with vendors and with internal customers. As a leader of the procurement function, she generates confidence and respect for the function throughout the organization. She manages well at all levels of the organization from the individual contributor level to senior leaders of the company, and is a model for others to follow. She has delivered exceptional results in terms of cost savings.
Kristy has also done an outstanding job guiding other procurement professionals. Her approach to mentoring is positive and proactive, setting high expectations and standards. In addition, she has proven to be effective with mentoring and guiding senior leaders on how to get the best deal.
On top of Kristy's outstanding accomplishments within the organization, she is also a volunteer for a local parochial school, St. Rose, located in Perrysburg, Ohio, sharing her leadership and mentoring skills to make a difference in young athletes’ lives.

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