Tamara Somerville
President of Global Initiatives & Strategic Alliances
Posi Lock Puller, Inc.
Cooperstown, ND

"It's a rapidly advancing industry that helps improve all other industries. Not only are we creating new/useful items, but we're generating better/more efficient ways of doing it! By creating better tools and processes, manufacturers are finding new ways to use the world’s resources to benefit every other industry.”

Tamara is the driving force behind everything done in the organization. She has a deep knowledge of every department in the company which enables her to lead from the whole and makes her a multi-faceted leader. In 2001, Tamara took on the challenge of expanding the company’s global presence. She evaluated their overall marketing strategy and results, their operational processes, and their current distribution system. She sought outside experts and resources to help her develop a formal export marketing plan, and then began an aggressive marketing campaign to build a stronger international distributor network for their products. 
Today, Posi Lock sells their product in almost every country in the world and international sales represents 32 percent of their gross revenue.
Service is at the heart of her leadership style. She is respectful to those she works with, and it motivates her to constantly provide opportunities for improving others. Her focus is always on the people, not the product or the process. She is known for her ability to provide support and compassion for those she works with across the organization.  
In the business community locally, she has been on the Renaissance Zone Committee for Cooperstown for several years. The committee works to encourage reinvestment and redevelopment in downtown areas to enhance business and improve housing.  On a more personal level, Tamara assists the small businesses by donating her time to them. Sharing her knowledge, encouraging their efforts, helping with their challenges, and mentoring them in their development demonstrates a deep passion for others. 

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