Elisabeth Smith
President and CEO
Acutec Precision Machining Inc.
Meadville, PA

“Manufacturing is tactile and tangible. We problem solve and work together to drive efficiencies—and deliver a better product to our customers. Manufacturing today is about brains, not brawn; teamwork and communication, not authoritarianism. We’re innovating and translating ideas into action. We’re part of our community and it’s rewarding as hell.”

Elisabeth Smith joined Acutec in June 2013 and transitioned into ownership as of June 2014, embracing the culture and taking the company from small to mid-size by maturing many internal processes while retaining the original philosophies. She is deftly leading an executive team with greater tenure and experience than she has by embracing the culture and involving the team in process improvement to prepare for growth and added capability. 
Elisabeth demonstrates a collaborative leadership style. She quickly identifies needs, and seeks to address them in a positive, team-focused manner while providing the support and training needed to accomplish business goals.  She thinks outside the box when it comes to aligning opportunity with ambition. Elisabeth works closely with personnel to ensure that their career aspirations are being met, and to create unique opportunities to foster engagement and interest, and ultimately increase retention. And she is actively focused on developing the pool of excellent candidates, including working closely with area universities to recruit and sponsors interns during the school year and during the summer. 
She is committed to retaining the company’s headquarters in Crawford County, Pennsylvania and continues to invest in regional education opportunities and community development, sitting on a range of boards and hosting open houses and community events.  Elisabeth is a sought-after speaker who has presented to educators and students at the 2015 ASM Materials Camp at Allegheny College, and has participated in several expert panels related to deployment of big data predictive analytics technologies in manufacturing for the National Tooling and Machining Association and the University of Michigan. 

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