Gem Skinner
Technology Transfer & Training Product & Project Manager
Polytron, Inc.
Duluth, GA

"As the child who dismantled a radio to find the 'little voices' I was lucky enough to be told 'put it back together.' Manufacturing feeds my natural curiosity to discover and build, and Technology Transfer supports my desire to share that knowledge with others so they can be successful.”

Gem has been effective in blending her technical background with her passion for improving people’s skills, knowledge, and efficiencies in her role at Polytron.  When she joined, the company was in the initial stages of establishing a Technology Transfer and Training department to augment their Systems Integration services for Packaging, Process, Manufacturing and Distribution. During her first few years, Gem was instrumental in helping not only form the direction of the program but also in developing and implementing several services, workshops, and support processes.
Gem views leadership as coaching with purpose and takes a “we” approach to leading her team. She is a visionary with a farsighted process approach. Her overall goal is to have sustainable processes in place, mentor others in how to leverage but not be bound to them, and make independent decisions that support long term growth. Gem sets high expectations and goals, but she combines listening and discussion skills with an understanding of personality profiles and abilities to help her team through difficult situations. 
Gem also believes in supporting her local community. She is a member of a local Emergency Mountain Patrol group, on a rotating two-hour call list to search for and support stranded hikers. She is also currently training her Silken Windhound, Djinn, to alert for seizure disorders. The training involves acclimating dogs to respond to both chemical and environmental changes that may bring about seizures. Once Djinn is fully trained he will not only be able to perceive and alert to the disorder but also assist in training other service dogs.

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