Jan Shumate
Director, Plant Engineering - Worldwide E&C
Eastman Chemical Company
Kingsport, TN

“The complexity of manufacturing provides something new to learn and work on every day alongside talented and dedicated individuals. It’s an exciting workplace of continual learning, strong partnerships and rewarding career paths. There is significance in being part of such diverse elements coming together to create tangible products enabling society.”

Jan has provided the strategic vision, leadership, and daily management in her role over the last four years to convert a longstanding single site-centric plant engineering organization into an extremely capable, adept and prepared team that now supports Eastman’s 52 manufacturing sites globally. The results of Jan and her team’s efforts have improved safety in the design and start-up of manufacturing processes, improved maintainability, eliminated quality issues, minimized operational downtime, and improved operational capability through engineering problem solving. 
Two of Jan’s key strengths are positivity and a sense of inclusion, which make her a strong mentor. Her organization is a key onboarding area for new engineering talent for Eastman. She works with each of these individuals to understand their career goals and explore opportunities.   She also serves as a formal career mentor for Eastman’s high potential talent. Jan’s mentoring influence extends beyond Eastman. She has also been very active in several industry groups and has formed relationships with individuals outside of Eastman as well. 
Jan has brought enthusiasm and impact to all of the community efforts in which she is involved. She has served on several United Way fundraising efforts to benefit her local community. She is driven to provide perspective to about what a STEM career can offer. During her tenure as Holston Section American Society of Mechanical Engineers president, she worked to earmark funds for grants to impoverished school systems for STEM programs. Through these contributions Jan is not only impacting organizations and people today, but also helping a future generation.

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