Rupa Shanmugam
SoPark Corporation
Lackawanna, NY

"Having worked in various capacities in manufacturing for the last 25 years, I have learned a lot and also have come to realize the importance of it to the economic growth of a community and country. Manufacturing creates jobs in various skill levels.”

Rupa Shanmugam’s technical knowledge and international work experience in the electronics industry in four countries combined with her ability to develop complex databases, have allowed her to develop and implement data management tools that have resulted in continual improvement of the corporation's key performance indicators. As SoPark's Quality Management Representative, she led the entire workforce through the successful completion of four ISO certification audits within four years, making the company’s key strategic objective a reality and better positioning SoPark for financial success.
Rupa motivates employees through mentoring and empowerment. Her hands-on approach clearly sets the standard for leading by example.  She is focused on process improvement and has led many training initiatives in an effort to enhance quality and reliability. She champions cross-training, both from an educational perspective and as a mechanism to support corporate needs.
Rupa is a mentor to all she works with within the organization, as well as to students at local universities and high schools. She initiated a program for those students, creating opportunities to work at SoPark and providing them with exposure to STEM by experiencing the electronics industry, operations, production, technical applications, and engineering. This past year, Rupa was instrumental in the formation of the first Western New York Chapter of Engineering World Health at the University at Buffalo. 
Rupa continued her mission to impact her community more broadly by reaching out to the United Way Director of Resources to discuss areas in need of assistance. She became a member of the Women's Leadership program in November, which will allow her to perform volunteer work in different charitable/fundraisers specific to women care - a cause close to her heart.

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