Nishi Shah
Run Plant Engineer/Local Manufacturing Rep
The Dow Chemical Company
Midland, MI

"Manufacturing is exhilarating. It challenges problem solvers to address the world’s needs. Manufacturing is dynamic from the day to day work to the market needs making the work satisfying. It allows people to develop leadership skills early on while providing continuous growth to people at all levels in their career.”

Nishi has made significant contributions to the company’s bottom line in her five-year career. Over the last two years, her work in technology improvement has delivered more than 10 successful capital and expense projects ranging from $150,000 to more than $1 million in cost savings. Nishi has become well known for taking the initiative to find big value gaps, challenging herself to find smart solutions, and relentlessly driving solutions until the value is realized.
Nishi’s development as a leader is also outstanding. She works very well on teams and with colleagues. She clearly enjoys working on a challenge and teaching others, especially when it comes to solving problems that contribute directly to Dow’s bottom line. Nishi is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt project leader. Because of her experiences, expertise, leadership, and initiative, Nishi was selected to serve on one of Dow’s largest and most visible capital projects, the new U.S. Gulf Coast polyethylene production facilities. 
Just as Nishi has embraced and excelled at leading others, she has also willingly shared her technical skills and leadership with younger employees. She is a natural leader who is seen as a go-to for new engineers and interns alike.  This year, Nishi she was selected to be a coach and mentor for Dow’s new engineer training program, which is a preeminent development course in the industry. 
Nishi approaches her activities outside of the office and in the community with the same drive and discipline.  She is particularly passionate about sharing her love of science with the local youth to inform and excite students about the possibilities of STEM careers. 

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