Aditi Saran
Technology Team Leader
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Akron, OH

“The experience of working hands on with the process of assembling the product, the pleasure of working with team members to optimize our processes by reducing waste, the excitement to work with challenges that come with it and the instant gratification to see the results is what I'm passionate about.”

 Aditi has a unique complement of technical and people skills that allow her to build successful teams and accomplish business objectives. She inspires people to excel and contribute to their maximum capability, encouraging growth and change. She has earned the trust and respect of her peers and associates because they know she cares about them as individuals.
Aditi exemplifies that leadership skills can be learned. Starting her career as a design engineer, Aditi initially focused on learning the technical skills required for her role. Once she began working at a manufacturing facility, she recognized advantages of effective collaboration in getting projects done, and realized she would need to step outside her comfort zone, overcome her shyness, and build important relationships. She quickly became recognized as an informal leader of process improvements and established a reputation as a person who made things happen. 
In her current role as the Leader of the New Product Industrialization Team, Aditi is effectively using all of her acquired leadership skills. She has successfully made the difficult transition from peer to manager of the very team she was once a member of. She is comfortable holding people accountable for their results and is an effective mentor in both formal and informal settings.
Aditi also impacts her community through work-related events. Aditi participates in the “Women in Engineering” career day that encourages high school and middle school girls to pursue education and jobs in technical fields. She supports the Susan G Komen for the Cure fundraiser and participates in the annual Goodyear Health Fair.

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