Samantha Ruof
Converting Operating Department Leader
The Procter & Gamble Company
Green Bay, WI

“I love my career in manufacturing because it requires me to actively use all of my talents. I get to be technical, methodical, proactive, agile, responsive, and creative. I get to work alongside intelligent and motivated individuals, in a culture where respect is integral to success.”

Samantha runs an organization of 70 people and owns all of the key metrics for her department including Safety, Quality, Cost, Production, and Organizational health and capability. Over the last four years, she has quickly developed into a strong leader both inside and outside of the plant. As a result of her ability to quickly understand complex problems and implement effective solutions, she has moved rapidly into progressively responsible roles.
Samantha is seen as a courageous and caring leader willing to take risks and tackle challenges.  She works to earn the respect of her colleagues, and offers a personal touch. Her leadership spirit is evident in her passion for people, her passion for winning, and her ownership in delivering outstanding business results. 
Samantha is recognized as a leader within the Women’s Network within Procter & Gamble. Immediately upon starting with Procter & Gamble, Samantha took ownership of the Green Paper Procter & Gamble Plant Women’s Affinity team. This team provides support, training, and advocacy for all women at the Green Bay Plant. Under her leadership, a system was developed for at risk women managers that led to higher retention and job satisfaction.  After running the Green Bay Women’s affinity team, she took on leadership of the broader Paper Sector Women’s network. 
In addition to driving outstanding results at the Procter & Gamble Green Bay Plant, Samantha has a long history of giving back to the greater community that began in college. She participates in a range of efforts including the Procter & Gamble adopt a family program through the Salvation Army every Christmas, the Back to School Program, and a host of other P&G events.

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