Shari Ruelas
Value Chain Optimization
Chevron Corporation
Houston, TX

“I cut my teeth in manufacturing as a young engineer. This experience was critical in learning the heart of the business (i.e. product technology, differentiation, quality, sourcing, safety, regulatory, storage, handling, transportation, cost of goods sold, etc.) which factor into decision making.”

Shari manages a team responsible for optimizing the supply chain from the refinery to the customer as part of the overall crude-to-customer value chain. She is a pioneer in advanced analytics and modeling, and she uses cutting-edge tools to collaborate with colleagues to optimize supply strategies. In addition, Shari leads her organization through the three-year business planning process. She received the Chevron President's Award for her work improving supply chain efficiency and reliability and developing business continuity plans for strategic customer accounts.
Additionally, Shari is the President of the Chevron Women’s Network consisting of more than 8,000 members, developed to promote Chevron's talent management strategies.  The Women’s Network played a big role in the "The Chevron Way: Engineering Opportunities for Women" effort, which was awarded the 2015 Catalyst Award recognizing companies committed to the recruitment, development and advancement of women.
Shari prides herself on mentoring, both at work and in her spare time. Recently, as part of her service to the local APICS chapter in Houston, Texas, she's been meeting with supply chain students and young professionals to discuss supply chain risk in mentoring circles. 
Shari is also a pioneer on the football field, working to expand the sports of women's professional football and weightlifting. She shares her experience and talent there by encouraging her teammates to pursue their dreams to attend college to get jobs they previously considered beyond their reach. Shari is also the President of the board for the APICS Supply Chain Council, the world’s largest unbiased nonprofit supply chain organization that advances supply chains through research, benchmarking, and publications.  

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