Tina Rudinski
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Lord Corporation
Erie, PA

“Transforming a raw material into a final product can be an amazing and complex process. I love the fast-paced problem solving that is required to keep this process moving. Every day is unique and provides an opportunity to make a difference.”

Tina's personality, technical competency and get-it-done attitude fits well with the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of the manufacturing area. Her work ethic and drive often leads her to be the first engineer in the office, and her hard work has helped her developed a rapport with and earn the respect of the operators. This connection opens the line of communication and makes implementing projects that benefit the company much easier. As a result, Tina has been able to engineer multiple solutions for the shop floor to improve execution, reduce part lead-time, and minimize scrap and rework, as well as accrue more than $500K in cost savings that have a year over year impact for the company. 
Tina began studying drafting and design in high school, which allowed her to start to work for LORD at that time, and she continued interning for LORD while in college. Her early start let her gain the knowledge and perspective that she used to mentor fellow interns while she was still an intern herself. As she transitioned into a full time role after college, she was able to continue to mentor not just the interns but also her new peers. 
Tina has also mentored a high school FIRST Robotics team, giving her the opportunity to teach high school students drafting, engineering design, basic machining and, most importantly, introduce them to how exciting and rewarding a career in engineering can be. She is also an annual volunteer for events such as Women in Engineering Day, Math Options for Girls, Manufacturing Day, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science and National Aerospace Week, all with the goal of inspiring girls to pursue opportunities in STEM fields. 

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