Tchernavia Rocker
General Manager, Human Resources
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Wauwatosa, WI

“I'm passionate about recreating a strong manufacturing sector in order to provide sustainable jobs, communities and schools for all Americans in cities like Mobile, Milwaukee and Detroit. I’m passionate about manufacturing, because I believe it is essential to the promise that “we the people” can achieve the American dream.”

Tchernavia’s guidance and ability to collaborate and empower teams has helped pave the path toward excellence in safety at Harley-Davidson. In 2009, Harley-Davidson was three times worse than the best in class in Occupational Safety and Health performance standards. Tchernavia led the development of the organization’s Health and Safety strategy, including the development of the Harley-Davidson Health and Safety Management System which drives safety excellence at every level in the company and, as a result, Harley-Davidson realized tremendous improvement in overall plant productivity and a significant decrease in its overall worker’s compensation and healthcare costs.
In addition, Tchernavia led the teams in designing and implementing innovative programs, such as Wellness Checks, Early Intervention and Work Conditioning Programs. Work Conditioning is an injury prevention program that looks to improve an employee’s overall health by having the employee prepare for their job by performing low impact cardio, stretching, and strengthening exercises based on the physical demands of their specific job, thereby preventing injuries. She also led the teams in creating onsite health services clinics that provide occupational care and wellness services, resulting in cost savings to the company. These Harley-Davidson programs and services have been widely featured on ABC World News, in the Wall Street Journal and in various local media outlets.
Tchernavia is also passionate about enhancing the diversity and inclusion culture at Harley-Davidson. She developed the organization’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy to align with the overall business strategy, including implementing critical Business and Employee Resource Groups. Tchernavia is an exceptional mentor; her business-minded, no-nonsense yet compassionate approach has made the difference in many employees’ professional careers and personal lives. 
Her mentorship extends beyond the walls of Harley-Davidson. Tchernavia is often asked to be a mentor to young professionals working at other companies.  She is passionate about caring and nurturing children, teenagers, and young adults in the community, as she believes they are our future. Among other efforts, Tchernavia serves on the non-profit board of the Milwaukee-based Next Door Foundation, as well as on the board of Mount Mary University.

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