Katelyn Riha
Maintenance Mechanical Engineer
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Akron, OH

“Manufacturing is a huge contributor to the growth of the U.S. and worldwide economy. Being an engineer in a manufacturing facility offers a diverse group of challenges every day. Working in manufacturing provides you with skills needed in all levels of business.”

As a result of her personality, dedication, intelligence and character Katie has had many successes in her two years at Goodyear. She has taken a range of challenges eagerly and open-mindedly. One key technical contribution Katie made was the development of a cutter to improve safety and quality in Plant 2, where the 63” earth mover tire is made. After redesigning, prototyping, testing and revising, the final model resulted in an ergonomic and safety improvement as well as a splice quality improvement of a minimum repeatable 30%.
All of the projects Katie has excelled at have required good leadership/mentoring skills.  In addition to the work she has done within her business center, Katie takes the initiative to reach out to other engineers around the Goodyear Topeka Plant and mentor them in the best practices that she utilizes every day. She has earned the respect and trust of all of her peers, many of whom are much senior to her.
Drag racing is what propelled Katie to become a mechanical engineer. She drives a Super Comp dragster and competes on the National Hot Rod Association national and divisional event trail. At the race track Katie gets an opportunity to talk to many young people who view her as a role model, as well as to get involved with several charity events at churches and schools in the Midwest. During these events she’s able to share her passion, and communicate the importance of staying in school as a way to accomplish your goals.  She also participates on the Goodyear recruiting team, hoping to inspire students to careers in mechanical engineering.

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