Stacy Putman
Site Manager
INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA
League City, TX

“The manufacturing work environment is dynamic. Customers and other stakeholders constantly require improvements in technology and processes. I truly enjoy the demands this places on me to improve my skills as well as supporting my team to achieve improvements needed to satisfy our customers.”

In her most recent promotion, Stacy has had to overcome significant hurdles to re-establish performance standards for an under-performing asset in a very accelerated time frame. Stacy led her team to improved safety culture with zero injuries and operational performance. Her calm, balanced, collaborative and respectful leadership was the force that kept the site together and returned it to one of the highest performing assets in the INEOS portfolio of sites in less than 12 months. 
She serves as an excellent role model for young women at the company and was featured in the Society of Women Engineers magazine.  Stacy has a natural ability to work with people at all levels of the company.  By helping teams identify how they work best together and focusing them on the real problems to be solved, Stacy imparts a sense of ownership to everyone enabling them to better understand their role in the team and leading to quicker problem resolution. 
She has also had the opportunity to mentor students at a local magnet school via Junior Achievement, as well as engineers, scientists, technicians and administrative staff within the work environment.  In addition, Stacy has actively been engaged as part of the early-career orientation for new graduates and has been a college recruiter for INEOS.
Stacy is very active in community efforts both domestically and abroad.  Locally, she currently volunteers her leadership and time at the Long Beach Rescue Mission and the No One Dies Alone  program.  She has also traveled to both El Salvador and to Austria where she supported local efforts to add value to the community.

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