Nadine Powell
Business Development
Buffalo Manufacturing Works (Operated by EWI)
Buffalo, NY

“Manufacturing is the making or producing of anything. Such a short definition at the core of an industry with such outsized, positive impact on our economy. My passion for manufacturing stems from its power to transform communities, spur innovation and provide meaningful careers.”

Nadine has assumed a significant leadership role in the start-up of EWI’s first new applied research and development laboratory location. She is responsible for the division’s business development and membership engagement activities and has made a real impact by developing deep relationships with manufacturing companies across multiple industries and with varying levels of manufacturing technology need. She has immersed herself in technical details, seeking guidance from more senior technical staff and staying abreast of technical trends and developments. All of this has allowed her to position herself and the organization as a thought leader and successfully launch a new practice area for the company. 
She is also leading by collaboration and example with her internal colleagues. Nadine is the first regionally-focused business development employee of the larger organization. She has forged relationships with her colleagues and developed a culture of customer-driven collaboration instead of internal competition. Her style, willingness to help, and customer-driven approach earned her the respect of her colleagues in a very short period of time.
As employee number seven of Buffalo Manufacturing Works, Nadine has had the opportunity to provide guidance, advice and informal coaching to a number of her colleagues as they have joined the team. Especially skilled in customer service, Nadine has mentored and led by example in placing customer service at the top of the priority list. 
Nadine is a dedicated and committed member of her local community and has made an impact through her activities with a number of organizations including past participation on the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council’s Advanced Manufacturing Working Group, the Buffalo Billion Design Council, the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council, and the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition.


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