Genoveva Perez
Human Resources Manager
ACE Clearwater Enterprises
Torrance, CA

“I am passionate about manufacturing because I continue to see many great minds work together and make amazing things happen. Manufacturing builds careers not just jobs. It promotes ethics and pride. Manufacturing is an orchard of many wonderful opportunities full of producing fruit with endless possibilities.”

Gen has been with ACE Clearwater for more than 15 years, and in that time she has helped create an environment of trust, honesty and compassion.  She leads by example, is very hard working, and is committed to continuous learning. She has created an HR department that looks after the company’s interests, but she also is able to see things from the employee’s perspective.  She is a natural leader with great charisma.
Gen is constantly striving to better herself.  She is a member of a range of professional organizations, and on the advisory boards of several associations and schools.
One of the goals she had upon joining ACE was to develop into a true leader, where her career could flourish by being a voice for other HR professionals, and where she could make positive changes by improving the business relationship between employers and employees. She has created that environment, where unusually low turnover and high employee satisfaction are a testament to her skills. Gen leads by example and is loved by the workforce for her fair and balanced approach to difficult HR issues. 
Gen spends hundreds of hours visiting local community colleges to help with resume writing, giving tips to new graduates on how to interview, going to job fairs on off hours, and bringing in kids from third grade to college for real world tours of our facilities. Virtually everyone who teaches manufacturing related skills at the local high schools, community colleges and trade schools knows Gen. Her outreach efforts have built the company’s tremendous local reputation. 

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