DeAnna Patterson
Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing, NA
Erlanger, KY

“Manufacturing is such a fulfilling environment -- THIS is where the product comes to life. After the design team devises a plan, it is the manufacturing facility that is responsible for executing it. To be involved in how safely, efficiently, and quickly a production team executes is beyond rewarding.”

DeAnna began her career at Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing in 2014, and in her short time she has become a driving force in many projects. One of her most impressive contributions to the plant was in August, when Toyota Texas launched the new Tacoma. Like any major change, many challenges were involved, and DeAnna’s perseverance, attention to detail and hard work contributed greatly to its successful launch.
DeAnna is a prominent part of the Paint Engineering team that supports Toyota Texas’s initiative, “Success through Support of Community.” Through this initiative, she is able to visit low-income schools in the community, typically focusing on teaching students what engineering is and how it plays a role in our day-to-day lives. But DeAnna decided that it was important for students to learn more than just the engineering side; she wanted them to learn how production works, so she coordinated a field trip to the site. By being inclusive, and recognizing the value of every person in the facility, DeAnna proves to be an outstanding leader.
Her involvement in the “Success through Support of Community” has allowed her to become a mentor for many students in low-income communities that actively participate in the STEM program. DeAnna’s goal is not only to make science and engineering fun for these students, but to ingrain an important message in the minds of these students -- to stay in school. 
Coming from an at-risk community herself, DeAnna challenges students to recognize that they are capable of doing absolutely anything through education. Her passion to help students grow has truly made an impact on the educators, students, and families of the students of Indian Creek. She is motivating and developing the future engineers of the community.

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