Barbara Parkerson
Value Stream Production Lead
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

“It has given me the means to take care of myself and my family. In my 26 years in manufacturing I have helped build a billion dollar company, and I am proud to be a part of that. I enjoy what I do.” 

Transitioning from a career as a waitress, Barbara has focused on mastering the technical and practical knowledge to operate high-tech, fully automated manufacturing of medical devices to give millions of people the gift of better vision. She has taken this vast knowledge and developed simple communications that make her the go-to person for hundreds of people at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. Under her leadership, the production line capability increased by 300 percent to 400 percent and consistently produces perfect products with 95 percent plus compliance to production schedules.
Barbara has a unique ability to influence people that stems from the respect she commands throughout the organization. She communicates needs clearly and succinctly, which results in avoiding problems or resolving them efficiently. She keeps her leadership through the next four layers of management apprised of key issues that are currently impacting her line and anticipates future problems. 
Essentially everyone who joins the Johnson & Johnson U.S. Vision Care Team gets to spend some time with Barbara. There is no better mentor in the organization. No matter the role, coaching from Barbara is critical to their development. She is very accessible and nurturing, and breaks things down to help people quickly become effective team members.
Barbara supports the community through all the initiatives created by Johnson & Johnson. She is passionate about educating woman and school children about balancing work-life.  She volunteers for a range of efforts Habitat for Humanity, Lighthouse Learning Center, and the Heart Walk. 

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