Sarah Olson
Maintenance Support and Efficiency Engineer
Covestro LLC
Baytown, TX

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it allows me to work in a fast-paced environment where every day is different. I love being able to work on a wide variety of projects and collaborate with people in all levels of the organization while gaining hands-on experience in the field.”

Sarah was hired right out of college as a Manufacturing Trainee Engineer, the first person in a new pilot program. As a result of Sarah’s cultural adaptability, her eagerness to learn, her technical prowess, and her assertiveness, she not only succeeded, but excelled, garnering three promotions over six years after completing the initial phase of the program.  Had Sarah failed, the fledgling program may not have ever taken off nor achieved the long term developmental success that Covestro has come to expect. 
Sarah has demonstrated leadership in a variety of ways during her career, always able to act decisively, make a plan, and lead the team to an effective business result. Identified early on as a capable and enthusiastic leader, Sarah was asked to coordinate the summer engineer intern program which serves to create a feeder pool of engineer candidates for the Manufacturing Trainee Engineer program. As the summer engineer intern coordinator, Sarah had responsibility to mentor the students. Sarah is passionate about her job as a chemical engineer and has been a source of encouragement for the interns. 
Sarah’s passion for engineering and science is a driver in her philanthropic work in the community. From elementary students to colleges, Sarah is active in the school districts that surround the facility. For instance, Sarah serves as a company ambassador with Barbers Hill Independent School district. Her passion inspires the students and gives them an outlook they would not have had without her.  She also has served as a role model and mentor in the “Girls in STEM” program for Goose Creek Consolidated ISD, and she participates in campus recruiting career fairs for both summer interns and new hires.

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