Tara Obrist
Safety Director
Behlen Mfg. Co. Transportation
Columbus, NE

“I have a passion for the process that makes up manufacturing. From design to finished product, manufacturing is both intriguing and complex. I welcome the challenge of refining a process to make the finished product more rewarding not only to those that manufacture it but to the end user.”

Since she was hired five years ago, Tara has helped lead change in the Transportation Division. With no previous experience in the industry, Tara had to learn from the ground up. She spent time researching her role, networking with peers, and most importantly developing relationships with the drivers. By developing relationships, learning what drives each owner-operator and becoming their advocate, she has helped develop better communication channels between owner-operators and Behlen, resulting in one of the lowest driver turnover ratios in the nation.
Tara continuously takes on additional responsibilities to further grow the communication, participation, and partnership within the internal and leadership teams. She is always the first to offer assistance, willingly takes the lead on projects and follows them through to completion. Tara is a graduate of Leadership Behlen, an educational program focused on building leadership sills. The Leadership Team feels that she has embraced the skills she learned through the program and is a great role-model for future Leadership Behlen participants. 
Tara is committed to mentoring co-workers, drivers, and friends on the importance of safety. She also takes an active role in monitoring new driver’s progress through the on-boarding process. The low turnover rate of drivers is proof of her dedication to the team. 
Tara is involved in the Nebraska Trucking Association events, serves as a volunteer at the Nebraska Truck Driving Championships, and is involved in the Safety Management Council. She encourages others to be active in participating at these industry events. Tara shares the information she learns with the team and has been a strong advocate for continuous improvement of Safety. 

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