Lisa Mondello
Director, Corporate Communications
SRC, Inc.
North Syracuse, NY

“Students need more opportunities to see firsthand how exciting it is to solve challenging problems. I strive to help others discover their “career spark” by exploring many options. Manufacturing has evolved to offer exciting, complex careers that allow people to apply technology, knowledge and life skills to improve our world.”

As the director of communications, Lisa has established SRC, Inc. as a leader in advancing STEM education to ensure the technology workforce pipeline remains filled with local talent. Lisa is a key leader of the Central New York Technology Sector where she engages with other local businesses to raise awareness of STEM careers. Lisa helped develop and launch the CNY STEM Connection, a website that serves as a one-stop-shop for information on STEM careers for students, parents, educators and other businesses. Through the CNY Technology Sector, Lisa has also brought many programs to the local community, including a STEM Career Exploration Series and the SRC STEM Scholars program.  
Lisa also plays an important role in mentoring SRC employees in the areas of presentation skills and public speaking. She has been instrumental in the development of several courses to improve individual presentation skills, as well as organized learn at lunch events to better equip employees to develop and deliver effective presentations. 
Lisa is a true force in the community and has been at the forefront of shaping the vision for STEM education in the region. As the leader of the CNY Technology Sector, she has brought together nearly 20 local companies to encourage students to come back to Central New York to live and work. Without Lisa’s efforts, the various programs of mentorship through outreach with the local schools – at both the student and teacher level -would not have the tremendous impact they do. 
In addition to her efforts in the STEM education field, Lisa has spearheaded the effort to expand SRC’s corporate philanthropy program in three main areas, STEM education, military/veteran causes and the United Way.

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