Lori Melbostad
Premier Marine, Inc.
Wyoming, MN

“Manufacturing gives you a total sense of accomplishment. Months, and often time’s years, of planning go into designing and preparing to build a product. The very complex behind the scenes systems that are required to properly account for and build a product are extensive and challenging.”

Lori is a visionary executive leader with over 20 years of experience in the marine industry. She has an extraordinary cross-functional management background and has been involved in all aspects of manufacturing, sales, and product development. She has demonstrated her skill as a catalyst for positive change and has offered the leadership to provide continuous improvement. 
Through her leadership, Premier Marine has year after year accomplished what others in the marine industry have not with bringing high-quality and innovative products to the market. Her vision to provide a web-based customer portal has given them a competitive edge within the industry, and her constant focus on reducing costs and improving the customer experience make the company unique.
When Lori started with Premier Marine, women held only sewing jobs and clerical positions. Throughout her tenure she has focused on placing women in all roles within the organization. She has always been willing to share stories with other women within the company, as well as those within the industry. Her support and insight into balancing work and family is an attribute rarely found in organizational leaders. 
Living and working within the community has increased Lori’s awareness for the need to support students for future manufacturing roles. Premier Marine has implemented an apprenticeship program to provide local youth the opportunity to earn a certificate in manufacturing while at work. Local colleges and training centers provide remote and on-site training. 
She currently resides as a Director on the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) Boat Manufacturer’s Board, and serves on the NMMA Hall of Fame Committee. She is also on the American Boating Congress working to support and improve state and federal regulations that impact the marine industry.

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