Kathy Magee
Director of Agency and Customer Compliance
Lancer Corporation
San Antonio, TX

“Manufacturing is the tangible output of design; I find it fascinating to watch innovations transform into processes that evolve into finished goods. With the evolution of lean manufacturing methodologies it is exciting to witness shop floor colleagues transform their process improvement ideas into real time savings and job satisfaction improvements.”

Kathy has had a career full of successes in her 23 years with Lancer Corporation.  In her current role, she uses technical and interpersonal skills she’s developed over the years to be effective at all of the customer and agency compliance activities. Her team ensures successful completion of the deliverables within the given project for testing, qualification and certification of all new, modified, or existing products to regulatory and customer standards. 
Kathy’s professional journey from mechanical designer to her role today helped her develop skills to be an effective mentor. Her manufacturing background made her a quick study and an obvious pick for mentoring new draftspersons, especially women. Through a hands-on approach, she introduced new employees to the various manufacturing aspects of Lancer’s vertically integrated manufacturing facilities.
She has been instrumental in hiring agency compliance specialists and training them in the Beverage Industry Global compliance strategy. Kathy has facilitated training for new processes, new requirements and legislation including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 17025 where she wrote, edited, published, implemented and trained on all engineering department policies and procedures. She continues to identify process gaps and integrate new strategies to improve communication between departments.
Kathy shares her technical expertise with the larger community as well.  She has been active in the International Society of Beverage Technologists serving in various roles, currently leading subcommittees on Co2 Monitoring and Materials in Contact with Food Stuffs. Kathy also serves on the ASHRAE Standard 32.2 Committee where her understanding of the Beverage and Fountain equipment testing process provides valuable input for the group. 

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