Julie Lucas
Chemical/Environmental Engineer
General Motors
Spring Hill, TN

"Manufacturing is one of the cornerstones that makes this country truly great. The manufacturing industry has inspired creativity and propelled technology to make the U.S. a world leader in innovation. I am proud to represent the manufacturing industry and GM as we give back to the community.”

Julie demonstrates technical and interpersonal skills, along with a skill for identifying issues and pursuing solutions in all projects she’s involved in.  One such example is when she took the initiative to critically review the environmental compliance data for GM Spring Hill Manufacturing, finding issues with the permit requirements that ultimately resulted in a cost savings of $11.5M for GM. In a separate instance, she identified issues with the amount of hydraulic oil in the water treatment process. She implemented a training and response process that not only improved BOD level, but led to significant cost savings for the site. 
Julie does a great deal of informal mentoring; she is open and accessible to her entire team, and has spent considerable time working with the summer internship program.  She also mentors the Chem Management Program Manager (third party supplier) for GM Spring Hill. Because she previously held this role, she is able to lend her expertise and insight requested on best practices, communication issues, and technical problems. 
Julie is actively involved in the community as well.  She has worked with the Boys & Girls Club of Maury County for more than three years to organize and lead creek walks that educate youth on factors that impact the health of a watershed. Through structured activities such as macro-invertebrate studies, water chemistry tests, and habitat surveys, club kids learn what they and their families can do to have a positive effect on the local watersheds. She has conducted similar programs with the Girl Scouts, all in an effort to raise awareness and spark interest.

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