Addie Marie Lordemann
Project Engineer, Advanced Materials Division
3M Company
St. Paul, MN

"I have the privilege of working with innovative teams who, like me, are extremely passionate about generating solutions that advance technology and solve complex problems. When I see the impact my product has on peoples’ lives, I am excited and all the more motivated to move to the next challenge.”

Addie has a growing reputation as a project leader with strong technical aptitude.  She has managed over $20 million in capital projects to successful completion over the past four and a half years. She’s demonstrated the ability to persevere and lead through a range of technical and interpersonal issues to accomplish significant business results. 
Addie also serves as the Chairwoman of the Montana State University Recruiting Team (URT) with the objective of identifying top new talent for 3M. Her leadership role includes recruiting the 3M URT from fellow MSU alumni and organizing the recruiting events at MSU, including non-career fair activities. 
She has served as both an informal and formal mentor to new 3M employees within Engineering. She sets a high standard for herself and for her team members that inspires others to work toward exceptional achievement and performance. Managers from outside her home department have directed their new hires to be mentored by Addie, which she eagerly takes on.  She also participates at the local high school’s Discover Engineering program. Addie is a fantastic ambassador for both 3M and for STEM careers, and receives positive feedback from her mentees that she helps make a difference.
In addition to her STEM activities, Addie is involved in many other volunteer events. Being a board member of the United Way Engineering Organization, she has organized and participated in numerous events including Habitat for Humanity, Simpson Housing, Second Harvest, Food Shelves, Feed my Starving Children, Caring Hands, and Bridging. Among other activities, she also volunteers to help teach young kids the basics of tennis, incorporating valuable life skills such as honesty, patience, sportsmanship, handling confrontation and team work. 

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