Lori Lents
Controls Manufacturing & Test Value Stream Manager
Solar Turbines Incorporated
San Diego, CA

“I love working in manufacturing because it is exciting; there are never ending opportunities for making people’s jobs better and improving products. Every day is a chance to use problem solving, engineering and people skills to delight our customers.”

Lori Lents is an exceptional leader with a unique talent for inspiring and motivating her teams to generate outstanding results.  She and her team recently sponsored a project to meet a tremendous capacity challenge.  With her strong technical foundation, understanding of diverse perspectives, and vision the project was successful in increasing capacity and production, and remained within budget. By sharing her vision and the results her team accomplished with this project, sister facilities and departments around the world have adopted this model. Senior leadership recognized the overall impact of this project, and of Lori’s leadership, and it received the President's Quality Award in 2014.
Lori's heart is in the manufacturing shop. Already a proven leader, Lori's focus on her people, warm demeanor, and contagious enthusiasm for manufacturing was clearly demonstrated by a 17 percent improvement in her team's engagement indicators and a perfect safety record in the warehouse department.
Lori is a thought leader and founder of the Professional Development Program, one of Solar’s employee resource groups. This group supports a formal, organization wide, teacher/learner mentoring program, opening doors and creating connections across functional areas in the business and creating a framework for employees to approach mentoring opportunities and take advantage of development and training.
Lori’s beliefs align with the Solar corporate philosophy that they must reinvest in the San Diego community and in the STEM pipeline. She is an avid volunteer for K-12 Outreach Programs that help expose girls and young women to the options for careers in manufacturing, engineering, and technology. In each outreach capacity, Lori understands the important role she plays as not only a provider of knowledge but as a role model to young women in manufacturing and engineering.

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