Hannah Lenoce
Tool and Die State Apprentice
Marion Manufacturing Company
Cheshire, CT

"I am passionate about manufacturing because every day I can go into work with a new challenge and always something new to learn. The parts I make are sent everywhere, it's a great feeling knowing I can help make a difference. I take pride in all the parts I produce.”

Hannah has taken the lead on a very demanding and complicated manufacturing process on the production floor. After demonstrating exceptional skills and commitment during an internship, she was hired, at 19, as the youngest woman state apprentice in the history of the company. Hannah has learned to recognize areas for improvement and to leverage her education and communication skills to make them happen.
She demonstrates her leadership skills daily. Although she is much younger than the majority of her coworkers, she has integrated into the workforce with grace and ease. Hannah works well with others to get her task done ahead of schedule. Leading by example she has inspired others to pick up their work pace to match hers to get a project done more efficiently. 
Hannah has been recognized by the area newspaper, The Waterbury Republican-American, in an article highlighting manufacturing. She continues to be active in her college community, promoting the field of manufacturing to women. She has not only spoken to incoming students but has served as a guest speaker at the Women in Science Seminar which draws high school girls for a daylong event to open their eyes to the opportunities. Hannah is a natural mentor.
She has also been a speaker and panelist on several state and local business conferences on workforce development. She has spoken at several high schools about her experiences in manufacturing and is the company tour guide for students. Hannah is making an impact on the manufacturing community not only by being successful but by sharing her passion with other young women.

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