Anna Klein
Continuous Improvement Leader, Chemical
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Akron, OH

“Working in manufacturing has given me the opportunity to work with people of all skill levels, backgrounds, and expertise. From the people on the floor all the way up to management, everyone comes together to reach a common goal – deliver a quality product to the customer.”

In her new role as Continuous Improvement Team Leader, Anna has led the full implementation in Chemical Operations of Power Steering, the Corporation’s web platform for managing improvement projects across the enterprise: regional, plant, business center, small business team level, and individual levels. 
Beginning with only isolated individual users, Anna created and propagated the tools, training and coaching needed to effectively and consistently manage projects across all four manufacturing sites and functions within Chemical Operations. What differentiates Anna from most contemporaries is that in addition to technical skills required to succeed, she also demonstrates excellence in non-technical areas including planning and communication. 
Anna’s current role provides her with many opportunities to mentor others.  As the coach of several L6S project leaders, Anna is sought out for guidance in what to focus on, as well as how to accurately and effectively apply the L6S toolset. She is an accessible, practical coach in both formal and informal mentoring situations.
Soon after she arrived in the Houston plant, she began working with the plant’s Goodyear Employee Activities Committee (GEAC). With her involvement and operational leadership, the GEAC activities have flourished, creating a step change in both community impact and associate engagement. Although Anna is not the lead in all of the projects, she has a substantial role in planning and promoting them. She has provided a critically important example to others of how to lead and promote a successful GEAC initiative.

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