Lauryn King
Team Leader, Test Engineer
Eaton Corporation
Galesburg, MI

“I love having a career in manufacturing because every day is diverse and dynamic. There's always an improvement or new product I can work on. I also get to collaborate with my colleagues worldwide, and my job in manufacturing has taken me all over the globe.”

Lauryn joined the organization in 2014 as a test engineer. Despite being a young professional with limited tenure, Lauryn quickly established credibility with a difficult audience and soon was viewed as a key member of a mature team tasked with delivering high-profile objectives within a short window of time. She demonstrated both managerial courage and a high drive for results as she pushed for changes in a way that achieved her desired outcomes without sacrificing relationships on immediate and extended teams. 
Lauryn’s collaborative style and ability to unite individuals when priorities conflict resulted in her promotion to a supervisory role, leading a team of seven experienced engineers. She has been effective in this position as she continues to keep her team focused on key deliverables without losing sight of the individual personalities involved. 
Lauryn has been lauded as a “role model for new test engineers” by her management chain. As she demonstrated her command of the Eaton Leadership Model, she has been encouraged to seek opportunities to mentor employees. After joining Eaton’s local Toastmasters chapter to improve her own presentation and leadership skills, she soon was instrumental in growing the club membership base and encouraging others who wished to improve in these spaces. 
Lauryn also has embraced opportunities to engage with members of the local community.  While her enthusiasm is well-suited for professional recruiting events, she also actively participates in events designed to attract students to careers in STEM, including participating in the Bigs In Business Program which provides outreach to grade school students.

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