Paula Kilrain
Deputy General Manager, Tactical Solutions
Ball Corporation
Broomfield, CO

“I love that Ball Aerospace builds high quality products that help bring men and women in uniform home safely. I am a tangible results person and seeing leading edge technology go from concept to production is exciting.”

In the words of TS Vice-President Robert Freedman, Paula, “has had a terrific impact on the company, the culture, and a positive impact on our customers.” She has served in the deputy position for the past three years, where her responsibilities effectively make her the director of operations. Paula’s passion to deliver a quality, affordable product to TS customers has been paramount in her drive to implement process improvement across TS, and has been critical to the success of the organization.  One of her most noteworthy contributions was leading the establishment of the Integrated Data Management System resulting in a continuous 50 months of 100 percent on-time, quality production and delivery.
She considers herself a mentor to the people reporting directly to her. Paula works closely with them to tailor individual professional development plans.  Looking at their skills and business goals, she identifies elements of the business that will contribute to their career growth. 
Paula also currently mentors three young women who work in different organizations at Ball Aerospace. She uses a coaching approach in her mentoring, leveraging techniques she learned in Ball Corporation’s Leadership Evaluation, Accelerated Development program. According to her mentees, Paula has a very comfortable and effective mentoring style.
Paula has a passion for community outreach and service that reaches back to her time as a helicopter pilot while an officer in United States Navy. Over the years she’s served in a range of efforts including the American Cancer Society and the Wounded Warriors Project. Paula also participated in the STEP UP! Women’s Veteran’s Workshop in Arlington, Virginia.

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