Randi Kelley
Division Vice President Product Development
PTC Inc.
Blaine, MN

“The manufacturing sector is instrumental in driving new innovations. Manufacturers drive the majority of all business R&D. It is imperative to invest in our students and young professionals, particularly in the STEP arenas. Our ability to develop great STEP talent is paramount to the future of our economic growth.” 

Randi has led the PTC R&D team to develop a Service Lifecycle Management end-to-end solution that will bring tremendous value to manufacturing companies looking to improve the efficiency of their service operations and will allow customers and small business owners who service equipment to more easily find accurate information for service. 
In the past year, Randi led the successful go-live of the first phase of an end-to-end system at Caterpillar Inc. and continues to lead this important project through to its final phase in 2017 – revolutionizing service instruction delivery and parts ordering at one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. Randi’s leadership was invaluable in engaging the customer and leading the delivery teams through a new way of delivering service to customers worldwide. 
Men and women in the R&D organization have benefited from Randi’s mentoring. She works in a collaborative manner which emphasizes teamwork and mutual success.  Randi is lauded for her transparency and practical problem solving techniques. She has contributed to the success of PTC’s Services Academy by supplying resources who can educate and train new consultants for the organization. She has been able to link Research and Development with the field consulting organization.
Randi contributes to community efforts too.  She has been the Executive Sponsor for PTC at the FIRST Minnesota Robotics program. PTC is a global strategic level sponsor and one of the sponsors of the Minnesota state and regional competitions. Under Randi's sponsorship, PTC has had two employees named "volunteer of the year" for FIRST In Minnesota. She has also has led PTC's participation in breast cancer walks and was elected by the office to be dunked in the ALS Water Bucket challenge. 

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