Becky Iaconis
Financial Controller
Exxel Outdoors, LLC
Boulder, CO

“What drives me most is knowing we’re making wonderful products that get people outdoors, enjoying nature, and simultaneously providing our employees with good, stable jobs. I love facilitating team-building and stimulating dialogue between people from our different departments, then seeing them collaborate to find innovative solutions to improve our processes.”

As a member of Exxel Outdoors’ core management team, Becky brings unique insights, talent and energy for increasing the company’s competitiveness and growth. Becky’s business and people skills reach far beyond accounting, which is reflected in the significant contributions she has made to the company. She had been instrumental in a recent corporate acquisition. She took the financial lead in designing and implementing the new Enterprise Resource Planning system resulting in enhanced manufacturing efficiencies and economies of scale, and a new competitive edge.
Becky’s leadership skills shine brightly when the company needs to act quickly and decisively. She’s an advocate of departmental crossover to produce better communication and faster solutions. As a result, when an unexpected change occurs within one department, the company responds rapidly to meet production and delivery schedules seamlessly, without disruption.
Becky takes an active interest in her staff’s professional development. She continually mentors her staff, and encourages them all to mentor each other, including cross-training in accounting functions to increase overall functionality and communication. This gets them to stretch their skills, as well as understand the different perspectives of their colleagues. 
Becky contributes to the community in several areas, including hands-on volunteer work in Boulder, Colorado, as well as fueling the engine for Exxel’s charitable works across the country.  She’s active in a range of local youth sports and environmental activities. Her passion for making a difference in people’s lives, coupled with her financial and organizational acumen make her effective in any role she takes on.

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