Tonya Hutchison
SDPM Field Specialist, Global Supplier Management
Merck & Co., Inc.
West Point, PA

"My passion comes from making a difference in people’s lives and being a part of pharmaceutical manufacturing allows me to use my love of science and technology to improve the lives of our patients. Manufacturing provides a platform to learn, broaden and diversify our experiences, and develop ourselves as leaders.”

Tonya is able to use her leadership capabilities to influence and drive change throughout her global organization. She has been instrumental in a range of efforts that have improved quality and reliability, perhaps most impressively her involvement in a project to address a critical shortage of key vaccines by determining the most robust and consistent method for testing those products. Through her team’s efforts, more than 30 million doses of these key vaccines were available to supply the market, which removed these vaccines from a list of backordered items. 
Tonya shows her leadership in two distinct ways: through her influence as a Global Quality Strategic Team lead at Merck and through direct relationships with her peers and employees. She has influenced everything from the testing capacity in the lab to the way in which potential talent is assessed. Her reach is broad and the effects of her efforts pervasive.
Tonya was selected for the Early Talent program at Merck. She has built a strong network through this program and uses her network to advocate for career development opportunities for her peers. Tonya has mentored young women in science and manufacturing on developing strong resumes and cover letters that stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.
Tonya also shares her passion with the local community. She participates in a wide range of activities to raise funds for causes she feels are important.  She also supports the Kids for Science Program in the local community, and has met with student interns to discuss science and technology opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry to encourage them to pursue careers related to science. 

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