Grace Hsia
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ann Arbor, MI

“I'm passionate about manufacturing because I have this drive to take nothing but ideas and build them into useful product platforms to share with others. Manufacturing is an opportunity to positively impact and save lives. Finally, being raised by an engineer made me dream of myself becoming an engineer and builder.”

Grace Hsia is a creative entrepreneur and the CEO of Warmilu, which primarily manufacturers a non-electric reusable infant warming blanket. From the initial invention that stemmed from her balanced technical approach, Grace has furthered development of supporting technologies while curating the growth of the company around it. Grace’s contributions to manufacturing the technology have been critical to the success of Warmilu leading to the team’s upcoming March presentation of the blanket to 50 Kenyan Ministry of Health officials. 
In addition to working with Warmilu, Grace works full-time at the Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy at the University of Michigan as Senior Project Manager for the Foresight Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Grace is a technical expert who leads by example, believing her greatest asset is the team working for her. While recognizing the role of creativity Grace ensures that the team understands the importance of following procedures, recording, tracking, documentation and deadlines. 
At her role as Senior Project Manager, Grace has a unique leadership style. Despite her young age, she has amassed tremendous experience in understanding businesses, asking the right questions to get responses, managing multiple accounts with concurrent projects and external consultants, business consulting and project management. Grace has been featured in Crain’s Detroit, Detroit News, MIT Startup BootCamp, Atlantic Magazine and Harvard Business School’s E-Conference. She has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 2016 in the Manufacturing & Industry Category finalist. She was a semi-finalist for the Fellowship for Young Women Entrepreneurs Exchange Program hosted by the Open Hands Initiative. 
Grace thinks of Warmilu as a means to serve the community, using the development of Warmilu’s technology as a platform to share a love of science with kids in the community.  She lets curious kids get hands-on with the technology she helped invent, showing them how they can be fearless, get messy, and still be safe while developing new things, ultimately sparking an interest in STEM careers.

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