Loria Holden
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.
Pooler, GA

"I love manufacturing because of the fast pace, and regularly changing demands; no two days are ever the same. I stay active splitting my time between my office and the shop floor. I love helping our employees solve problems and helping the company to succeed.”

Over the 26 months Loria has been in the role of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Manager she has turned the organization around, taking it from worst performing to having the best within the network of six manufacturing facilities and a field service organization, totaling about 2,300 people.  With the mission of changing the existing mindset about EH&S and gaining back the respect and support of all the employees at our facility, she spent many hours on the shop floor with operators and management. Through her sincerity, concern, and perseverance, she was able to effect change.
Loria has just two direct reports who help her with the overall administration of the EH&S program at the facility, a plant of more than 440,000 sq. ft. and 300-plus diverse employees. Her leadership abilities are demonstrated in her effectiveness at forming bonds with employees on the shop floor, supervisors, and peer managers across the facility.
Loria has been successful in engaging frontline employees in new programs. She feels passionate that she has an opportunity to affect each employee’s life in a positive way, leading and educating in a way that encourages employees to bring these lessons back into the community and share them with their own families and friends. 
As President of the local American Society of Safety Engineers, Loria has an opportunity to share her experiences with other members of the EH&S community. In 2015, Loria volunteered to be the Savannah Chapter Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) representative. WISE is a Common Interest Group of the National ASSE focusing on advancement of women in the field of safety. 

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