Lisa Hirsh
President and CEO
Accurate Box Company
Paterson, NJ

“I believe manufacturing is so important because it is the way to keep a middle class income. A skilled manufacturing job guarantees a decent wage, health care, benefits and full-time employment. Many of our employees have been here for over 25 years, have raised families and worked full-time and overtime.”

Lisa became President and CEO in the mid 90’s and since that time has been a critical force behind the company’s growth and success. She created the infrastructure and put the people in place to keep pace with the company’s rapid growth during the last 10 years and has spearheaded the nearly $50 million expansion the company is now pursuing.  
Lisa’s leadership style is one of inclusion. She has worked tirelessly to keep lines of communication open between the unionized factory employees and the office/management staff.  From her earliest days as President, Lisa has always been approachable with an open door policy.  Lisa believes in cultivating in-house talent and has encouraged people to take the leap to a higher position.  She is adamant that employees are able to get the additional education and training they need to be successful and has actively sought out programs for staff who she felt had potential to do more.
Lisa feels giving back to the community is important. Among many other efforts, every year Accurate participates in the Paterson Habitat for Humanity Corporate Challenge. Lisa has also been involved with the local schools in an effort to show students some of the manufacturing jobs available at Accurate Box, and she sponsors the company’s work at local vocational schools to create internships for students that prepare them for life after high school.
She has been recognized by the community a number of times, including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2001, NJ Family Business of the Year award in 2010, and the NJ Business Hall of Fame award in 2014.

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