Susan Hershelman
Production Work Leader
Lord Corporation
Erie, PA

“I’m passionate because I get to see raw materials turned into useful products. I’ve built a variety of products including automated assembly machines. When we fly I see the aircraft and think I worked on parts for that plane. I take pride in being part of the American work force.”

Sue is the backbone to the manufacturing process in the FAA Repair Station for Lord Corporation and her contributions are countless.  She was the first woman to take on a work-leader role at the facility, earning this position by assuming progressively responsible positions throughout her 35-year manufacturing career that helped her develop a range of technical and management skills. She has been a visionary in generating and implementing ideas and processes that have resulted in improved quote accuracies, enhanced product flow, and ultimately more satisfied customers.
Sue's extensive part flow and pack knowledge make her the point person for tactical on-time delivery execution by plant management.  She routinely suggests and leads process improvement projects to make the entire Repair Station process as efficient as possible, including a recent effort that led to a 50 percent reduction for shipping errors from the Repair Station's pick, pack and ship process. 
Sue has both trained and mentored others in a wide variety of roles, from new production operators to production schedulers and plant management. When new production employees are on-boarded into the Repair Station, Sue both mentors them and orchestrates their individually customized training program based on their knowledge and skill sets. She takes a hands-on approach to training that has allowed new hires to become effective quickly.
For 15 years, Sue has been a member of Hands All Around Erie Quilt Guild as well as the Veterans Hospice Quilters. Her tenure as a volunteer for these organizations is a great indication of both Sue’s compassion for those in difficult situations as well as her overall dedication. Through these organizations, she has an opportunity to express her creativity and benefit individuals going through difficult life situations. 

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