Dawn Grove
Corporate Counsel
Karsten Manufacturing Corporation
Phoenix, AZ

“Manufacturing is our lifeblood. When we innovate, design and manufacture custom built PING golf clubs in Arizona, we help golfers worldwide play their best, provide jobs and security for our employees and families, grow supplier jobs, expand U.S. exports, and give back to our community, our country and our world.”

Dawn has leveraged her legal expertise with her interpersonal skills and love of people to significantly impact the bottom line over her long career with Karsten Manufacturing Corporation and PING.  She is proud that PING remains one of the top golf equipment brands in the U.S., still innovating, designing and manufacturing custom fit and custom built golf clubs in Phoenix, Arizona, as the family business has for the past 57 years.  She has forged relationships in the public and private sectors to drive goodwill, and works with other manufacturers to improve the business climate for manufacturing in Arizona.  She is passionate about growing U.S. manufacturing, and last year was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to serve on the U.S. Manufacturing Council, a group that provides recommendations to Secretary Pritzker for helping manufacturers thrive in the U.S. and remain globally competitive.  
Dawn enjoys encouraging and showing gratitude for the individual accomplishments of KMC and PING team members.  She has been elected annually to serve on the Karsten Manufacturing Corporation Board of Directors for 20 consecutive years, and has been instrumental in growing the privately held family business, helping modernize its corporate record-keeping and encouraging focus on its core manufacturing endeavors.
Dawn has been involved for over 15 years in mentoring young women to reach their potential in their work, family life and community influence, and to in turn mentor others.  She also led the Arizona Manufacturers Council’s participation in “The Manifesto Project,” a program designed to foster young talent by encouraging organizations to reserve a “shadow” position on their Board of Directors for a high potential young professional.
Dawn participates in a host of additional community efforts as well, including having volunteered as an inner city Younglife club host (helping at risk youth) for more than a dozen years, striving on the Workforce Arizona Council to streamline processes that help job seekers acquire the skills and credentials needed by local businesses seeking to grow, and serving on the boards and executive committees of the Arizona Manufacturers Council and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

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