Pierrette Gorman
Welding Engineer
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM

“I am passionate about manufacturing because of the sense of satisfaction I derive from seeing a product go from concept to a finished product. Manufacturing enables me to incorporate elements of my life, such as overcoming challenges, working with diverse teams, education and developing conceptual ideas into actual products.”

Pierrette is a humble leader with a quiet demeanor, who has made significant contributions to the welding research community.  Among her many accomplishments, Pierrette was able to write a common welding specification that included all of the equipment, operator, and welding quality requirements so that today the production agency has one common set of requirements to adhere to, improving both productivity and quality. She also holds a U.S. Patent for Forming Structures from CAD solid models. 
Pierrette was recognized for her leadership and contributions to the field of welding when she received an Outstanding Women at Sandia National Laboratories’ award in 2014. She enjoys being a role model to young technologists and engineers, both male and female. She mentors young women who show an interest in a career in the welding industry by introducing them to opportunities, providing insight into her role, helping them make connections with other resources in their communities, and meeting with them to discuss their career goals. At Sandia National Labs, Pierrette serves as a mentor to young technologists working with them to grow their knowledge and talents. 
In addition to her role at the Lab, Pierrette serves as District Director for the American Welding Society. In this role, Pierrette impacts the welding community in six states – Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. She visits the student chapters in these states, as well as other high schools, community and technical colleges to speak about staying in school, career opportunities in the welding industry, and other STEM-related career fields that are in great demand.

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