Daniela Gonzalez
Buyer/Planner II
Baker Hughes Incorporated
Houston, TX
“It's very rewarding for me to be part of a team that can make an impact on our customer's need. It amazes me to be able to experience our products transform from raw material all the way to an assembled tool.”

Daniela she has become an exceptional employee in a very short time. She has been assigned and re-assigned to new product lines and has excelled with each new responsibility.  Overall, Daniela has affected tens of thousands of dollars of stagnant inventory, one material number at a time. More importantly, she has made inventory reduction a part of day to day business.
To be effective, Daniela relies on exceptional attention to detail, focus, and a forward-thinking approach as she manages inventory and monitors progress.  She is quick to seek resolution when problems occur, and is seen as a highly capable resource.
Daniela shares her skills and approach with other planners. She is soft-spoken, but always clear and responsive to others’ needs, often jumping in to assist other planners with their own work. Daniela has participated in drafting the planning procedures which have been posted in BHOS. She has also taken an active role in the Endeavor Group of young professionals, contributing by arranging for speakers and coordinating some of the events. 
Daniela is also a member of the Community Impact Team at Navigation. This team had a record breaking fundraising year in 2014 as a result of a range of inspired, fun events. All these events required a great sacrifice of time and energy from all the members of the CIT team, and Daniela was key in making all these events go smoothly. Her enthusiasm and active participation inspired others to participate, raised the quality of effort all-around, and local area programs benefited.

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