Heather Gawne
Senior Environmental Manager
Stella-Jones Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA

"Manufacturing is the spirit of America where innovation, creativity, problem- solving, and team-building occur. Put these all together and amazing things happen as thoughts and ideas are transformed into materials which are transformed into workable products for use in everyday life.”

Since joining our team in 2012, Heather has been promoted to Senior Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager and has helped with the successful integration of four acquisitions in three years. She has been instrumental in providing leadership that has resulted in achieving business objectives, including permit transfers and personnel training.
Heather actively seeks challenges that will allow her to develop knowledge and skills in the environmental, and health and safety fields. She travels frequently to the 19 wood treatment plants to provide direction to EHS Supervisors and facility employees, and has earned respect from her colleagues as a confident, competent manager.
She mentors employees throughout the organization, motivating others to grow not only through her knowledge and guidance, but with the energy she shares.  Heather is progressive in her approach both to one-on-one mentoring and group training, and recently revamped the annual training program to make it more relevant, refreshing, and fun.
As one of the company’s points of contact with the public and agencies, Heather works tirelessly to demonstrate that Stella-Jones operates in compliance with relevant rules and regulations that govern our business.  She is currently working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a voluntary sustainability initiative in conjunction with other industrial manufacturers. This initiative is the first of its kind, and the Administrator of the EPA, Gina McCarthy has communicated the importance of this new Initiative to EPA personnel. Heather serves as our main voice in this effort and will continue to provide guidance and leadership throughout the process. 

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