Lori Frost
Director of Plant Manufacturing
IPAK, Inc.
West Deptford, NJ

“I am passionate about manufacturing because I love watching concepts turn into reality. I enjoy the culmination of ideas, effort and team work as raw materials transform into finished product.”

Lori Frost has parlayed a short-term position as an assembly worker into a 22-year career. Today, she is the Director of Plant Manufacturing, managing a staff of 80.  Lori and her team are the driving force behind IPAK’s manufacturing prowess. Lori’s proactive and collaborative leadership fosters the kind of teamwork that is the hallmark of IPAK’s manufacturing team and approach to current challenges. Her innovative thinking has resulted in cost efficiencies that have allowed IPAK to compete effectively and win multiple projects. 
Lori believes in leadership by example. While it’s been 22 years since she first toed the line of hand assembly, Lori still occasionally serves on an assembly line to demonstrate to her staff what it takes to get the job accomplished properly and efficiently. Not only is Lori an unquestionable leader, mentor, and counselor to IPAK’s employees, she’s a beacon of hope for everyone who walks in the door and still believes in the American Dream. 
Lori has the innate ability to recognize, refine and advance the skills of others. She fosters an environment in which many different racial, ethnic, and cultural subordinates feel comfortable exercising their creative problem-solving skills. Through her mentoring and employee retention programs, Lori has broken a cycle of many unemployed/underemployed families in our local area. 
Lori also participates in a range of community efforts, including KaBoom, where she can use her technical and project management skills to build playgrounds for children in economically distressed communities, to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer research fundraising.  She is a champion for both her teams at work, and for the community as a whole.

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