Janie Fowler
Health, Safety, and Environment Coordinator  Faurecia
Cottondale, AL

“With 35 years of experience in safety, it is my belief that it takes everyone working together to achieve safety goals. Training is high on my list in assuring employees understand the safety guidelines and programs in place to prevent accidents. Inspections assure guidelines are being met.”

Janie has a strong track record of demonstrating her leadership skills and instincts throughout her career, among her many successes is her contribution to the Cottondale plant.  Because of her attention to detail and meticulous investigation skills, Janie was able to implement actions and training that resulted in marked decrease in occupational incidents and accidents, and last May the plant reached the five-year mark without a lost time accident.
She shows a real knack for anticipating issues that may arise, and taking steps to prevent or manage those situations, ranging from setting up and monitoring a locker program, managing recycling for the site, and changing the airbag deployment protocol. 
Because Janie interacts with employees in different jobs on a daily basis, her role as a leader and a mentor takes different forms. Janie values the relationships she creates with her peers, and this is reflected in the fact that they look to her for advice in making decisions at their plants and in their own Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) roles. 
Janie is also one of the leads on the HSE team, who works with first responders to treat First Aid situations. As a result of her effective implementation of the First Responder Program, more than 40 of her peers are trained in Adult and Pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid and look to her as a mentor.
Janie recognized that there was a need in the local community, and she created this program which reaches beyond the plant. To maintain her position as a community leader in this effort, Janie attends quarterly meetings with other safety professionals to share ideas for improvement and to stay up-to-date on the latest emergency training.

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