Rebecca Forbes
Assembly & Structural Engineer
BWX Technologies, Inc.
Lynchburg, VA

“I never realized how privileged we are to create light by simply flipping a switch. I once asked, 'Where does the light come from?' Manufacturing is the avenue that allows us to transcend ancestral difficulties and obtain nature’s simplest necessities…all for the negligible caloric investment of flipping a light switch.”

In her short tenure with BWXT, Rebecca has made significant impacts related to processes, consistency, and performance.   She demonstrates effective leadership skills as she manages projects and builds relationships with co-workers and customers alike. Her communication skills allow her to be comfortable in challenging situations, including presentations to senior management at key customers.  Within the company, she believes that open communication is essential to allow the engineers, operators, and inspectors to build a trusting relationship so that the team can work through any issue in a time of challenge.
Rebecca is a core team leader and one of the founders of the Women in Manufacturing (WiM) group at BWXT’s Lynchburg facility. She helped start this group in the fall of 2014 and is working hard to further improve the community that has been created. As part of one of the WiM programs, she worked with approximately 35 students from a local middle school to encourage interest in STEM careers.
Rebecca is also involved in the Engineering Mentoring Program designed to enhance high school students’ understanding of the engineering profession.  She not only teaches them technical skills, but provides them with guidance about their futures. 
She shares her talents with the community too.  Rebecca has served as a volunteer for BWXT’s United Way campaign team for three years, participating in fundraising events and volunteering in the community. In addition to her work for the company’s United Way fundraising efforts, she has also been a part of the Central Virginia United Way’s Women's Leadership Council for two years and is currently serving as the Council’s Community Impact Chair. 

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